Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Review

I'm so sorry, blog, I've been bananers busy this holiday season (and I'm sure I'm not the only one). I've mostly been ignoring NYE, partly because I don't have any plans and partly because I've been catching up at work. However on the last day of the year I'm forced to reflect a little. These were my goals for 2011 from my old blog, let's see how I did.

Travel! Travel travel travel. I started tearing up on the bus to work this morning, frustrated at how badly I need to leave Chicago for a little while. Ugh.

I definitely did this, go me! I went to Nashville in March, Philadelphia in October, and Michael and I laid the groundwork for a trip to France and Spain in June 2012!

• Sew my first garment from scratch.

So close! I did buy a sewing machine and take two sewing classes this year, and I received a pattern book for Christmas.

• Try to relax, be less insecure about myself and my relationships, and remember that I am loved.

As hard as 2011 has been for me at times emotionally, especially with a lot of my close friends moving, moving in with Michael and our relationship evolving, and making friends/losing them in a matter of weeks, I do feel a lot more calm about my relationships with others. Therapy has played a big part in this.

• Get my driver's license, or at least renew my learner's permit.


• Spend less money on clothes and more on experiences and pampering myself (massage, anyone?)

I still buy a lot of clothes (though, ones I actually wear AND I've gotten rid of a lot of them) but I have been pampering myself more. I think it has helped my mood and it's really nice to think "I earned this treat for myself."

• Maybe get another kitty friend for Seymour!

I still want to, I was going to right after Michael and I moved. Maybe after we get back from Europe.

Looking back at these make me feel really good; I gave myself a few positive, life-improving, realistic goals and I met almost all of them!

Goals for 2012:

• The ones I did not do in 2011 (sew a garment, get a cat, try to drive).

• Try to successfully expand Branchbound with metal jewelry, wooden jewelry, knits, and hand-sewn goods.

• Blog more often; take outfit photos on my awesome roof.

• Start running again in the Spring and try to keep at it.

• Purge even more, organize and stay organized, try to live a little simpler (from the woman who bought 5 pairs of shoes this week...)

• Make it a point to go on at least one date night a month with Michael because we deserve to get out of the apartment and have a wonderful time on occasion.

Pretty boring...but what is the point of resolutions if you can't even attempt to keep them?

Wishing you all a happy end of 2011! What are your resolutions? What are you doing tonight for New Year's Eve?

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