Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Boots

Let me preface this by saying I knowwww they are Uggggs. This is also probably the most I've spent on any clothing item, including my coats and my prom dress. However, I have only had Ugg Jillian for 24 hours and I'm already so glad I bought them. I originally purchased Ugg Broome II in black leather but the black wasn't as dark as I would have liked, and, as much as I love simple, they were too plain for me. I normally keep away from suede shoes but the black suede on the Jillians are so rich and nice, and they have just enough detailing. The tread is so nice and the heel is heightening but still comfortable to walk in.

However, this is the main draw of these boots:

LOOK AT ALL THAT SHEEPSKIN. I feel like my feet are wrapped in carpets and blankets. The insole is also removable so I can place an extra insole under them for more arch support and when they get worn out I can just buy new sheepskin insoles. I've worn these boots the past 2 days with a pencil skirt and an a-line skirt and they look nice with both; eventually I'd like to try them under bootcut jeans and over leggings (and maybe skinny jeans...maybe). The fleece does show at the top but it actually doesn't bother me much; makes me feel like a 70s ski bunny.

If you live in a really cold climate where your feet get cold easily I would highly recommend these. I've worn them with a single pair of tights and I can feel the difference on my legs. They also come in a beautiful, rich chocolate brown if that's more yours style. These are going to be my favourite winter boots for years to come.

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