Monday, January 30, 2012

Wavy Pixie

I love my hair right now, I really do. I love how versatile and low maintenance being a blonde with a pixie can be. But as I've had this hair style/color for almost a year I'm starting to get a wee bit bored. I rarely keep a hair style or color for a year or longer. I'm not thinking of anything too drastic, but since I curled my hair a few weeks ago I've been thinking of growing it a little bit and wearing it wavy. Right now I'm leaning towards an asymmetrical 'do. Here's some inspirational photos; the first is probably closest to what I'm thinking but I figured I'd post them all.

kind of long for what I'm thinking

this is an updo but still along the same lines

maybe a transition cut?

I'm also thinking of just cutting the sides short and leaving the top long, but I think that might make me look too poofy up top and asymmetrical might look more flattering on my face. It will also grow out nicely (I hope!). Plus if I get sick of it I can just cut it back into a pixie.


  1. I think whatever you do will be adorable...I loved when you curled it the other day.

  2. I love the 'do in the last picture. Who is that?

  3. I love the last one too. If only I could pull off short hair.