Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catch Up: February in Phone Pix

I'm sorry, readers; life has been crazy lately (not necessarily in a good way). I figure the best way to recap is with the cell phone photos I've been taking (marco-blogging at its finest). In roughly chronological order.

I got my new pink glasses (they are a bit pinker than shown here). So adult, but I like them.

For Valentine's Day Michael gave me roses and cheese curds. Because he's the best.

We went out for dinner on the 13th and I curled my hair.

I've been very crafty lately. I taught myself to wire-wrap beads and use headpins, these will be in the shop soon.

I also knit this hat with a pattern I made up myself. I might sell it in my Etsy shop in the fall. I'm knitting this same hat in green now, but sans earflaps.

I'm also making my first dress. I'm probably about half done with the muslin. I am going to use this fabric.

Last week I framed up my business certificate, just need to hang it in my study.

I painted my nails a new color this past weekend, MacArthur Park from American Apparel. I really like this color and it matches my couch!

Tuesday I took the Metra out to Joliet and sat at the top, something I don't think I've done since high school. I got anti-depressants...I'm now taking a generic of Wellbutrin. February has been especially rough for me and I finally decided to try medication. People have been more supportive than I thought they'd be, which is comforting.

Nevertheless I'll always have kitty cuddles to cheer me up. :)