Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From The Rooftops, Shout It Out

Sunday we finally got some sunlight in Chicago and I took this opportunity to take some shop photos on my roof! Michael and I moved here in August and didn't find out about the roof until about two weeks later; I ran into my neighbor and he asked if I'd been on the roof yet. When we had our housewarming party half of it took place up here and it's frequented by our guests. My building is 4 stories high and the tallest on my block, and since I'm closer to the loop I have an amazing skyline view.

If you're friends with me on Facebook you've already seen this one. I'm wearing my awesome new tee from Blackbird Tees. I did a trade with Jody (the female half of the company); I wore it in some shop photos and I sent her some earrings so she can do the same. I thought the pale colors and lacy design would go perfectly with my jewelry!

Anyway, here's some snaps of the afternoon, Michael goofing around, and our amazing view!

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  1. haha you guys look like you had a good time. I'm REALLY jealous of your view! If I ever come to Chicago, I'm definitely coming over to chill on the roof with you.

  2. Awesome--roof access! Perfect place for your photos. Was it as lovely and warm in Chicago yesterday as it was here?

  3. Yes, and it's supposed to get to almost 80 today! Too bad I'm stuck indoors at work all day this week until 7. :(