Monday, October 17, 2011

My Life Right Now In Webcam and Phone Pix

Sorry blog, I've been meaning to write! Life has been incredibly stressful and tiring the past two weeks, and I haven't had a lot of down time to sit and update.

I'm already getting in the groove of holiday shop-updates. I'm doing a craft fair mid-November and then the Etsy rush begins so I need to be on my toes! I am going through all of the lace I've amassed, I have tons and tons of lace that I've been either waiting for seasonally, like these snowflake earrings:

...pieces that might not work as jewelry that I've been meaning to turn into brooches, or Christmas ornaments! I'm selling lace ornaments in sets of three, and I'm excited to announce that half the proceeds will be donated to the ASPCA after they all sell. I am very passionate about animal rights and I felt especially compelled to donate after having a scare about my kitty, Seymour. Thursday was a really rough day for me; he may or may not have a lump on his back, and the vet did not have time to examine it during his annual check up.

Anyway, I've also been getting more brass and silver findings to incorporate into my work. I'm always looking to make more smaller earrings and here's a new design I'm rather smitten with:

I just have lots and lots of ideas for new lace jewelry and accessories, and I'm always interested to hear what colors or any other suggestions you have for my pieces. My winter palatte, besides black, white, gold, and silver as usual, include hot pink, ice blue, red, burgundy, and forest green.

I've also taken up knitting for the shop. I just completed this headband, my own creation (pattern and all!):

I'm in the process of a second one, and I've had a few requests for baby-sized ones too. Knitting is perfect for me to work on when I need a break from jewelry, or while I sit with the boy and watch tv.

Like the other day, when I still had some lingering bad feeling from a stomach flu. Wonder Years on Netflix and a simple project to knit in the round is a great way for me to veg out and still feel like I'm accomplishing something. ;)

Last but not least, last Saturday I took a sewing class and made this pillow:

It has a zipper and everything! I'd love to make more, and I might also take a tote bag class there, too. The purchasing of my own machine is highly possible in the near future, once I have time to stop all this crafting and rearrange my study! And I need to get on that, too, I don't know how I'll be able to navigate my study as is when I'm flooded with holiday orders.

What have you been working on lately? What has been inspiring you?


  1. The last two pictures didn't appear for me :-(

    I LOVE that knitted scarf!!! I like this idea and this post, dear!

    It's a crazy as hell time of year, fo sho.

  2. I love the headband! You did a great job...and the fabric on the pillow is great :) Go you!