Monday, October 3, 2011

No Indian Summer Here

In most of the U.S. my friends are still wearing their summer clothing, some even complaining how they can't wear sweaters yet. Well, Chicago has been in brisk autumn mode since, literally, Labor Day. I've already done the closet swap out and I've been stock piling long sleeve tees, tights, and sweaters whenever I go shopping.

I can't even do what most fashion magazines and websites suggest, wear your summer dresses into fall. It's just too cold here and I'm also colder than most. I can't spare the closet space for my sleeveless dresses that theoretically I could layer up...I have wool things that need to be hung up! I've always wished I could, though, there are some adorable summer dresses going for really cheap right now that I would justify spending money on if they wouldn't be tucked right into storage. I can still look, though, right? If you are one of the lucky people who still have a taste of summer where you live maybe snatch one of these cuties up so I can live vicariously through you? And stop complaining, I have the heat on already!

All dresses above are from Dorothy Perkins.

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