Friday, September 9, 2011

Let's Try This Again

For some reason I cannot fathom returning to my old blog after an extended, unintentional hiatus caused by a too-busy-to-be-enjoyable summer, so here we are.

I guess blogging became a chore at my last one, something like how it must be a fashion/lifestyle blog. Chicago is not a kind city for the fashion blogger, at least half the year's attire is for survival. And if you work 40 hours a week forget taking outfit photos before work (and days off were not stylish, just jeans/boots/sweater or pajamas). Summer is a little better; cute dress and sandals, but unless I wore a different dress every day of the summer that would get repetitive too.

I don't pay attention to runway shows, and by the time I see one I like it has been regurgitated by at least 5 other blogs, so why bother sharing it once again? I liked doing my wishlist posts, but sometimes my wishlists can be so obvious (plain bag, tights, some expensive dress, maybe some Etsy jewelry, shoes I can't walk in).

My goal for this blog is to follow that trite adage preached at blogger conferences, "be yourself, find your voice." This blog will have some elements of the old blog; an outfit post when I feel like it, shop updates, wishlists. But I hope to also use it to aleve some of the seasonal affective disorder I feel affecting me already, even though it's only the second week of September. This blog will be more personal. There may be a few posts like this one, blocks of text musing on my latest antisocial mood. More camera phone photos (since that's pretty much all I shoot with). Product reviews here and there (I shop so much, why the hell not?). Photos of things I do on my days off assuming I ever leave my house again.

You know, things like that.

Thanks if you've come here expecting me to be "real," because you like my taste, think it's funny when I'm mad on Twitter (instead of completely bonkers), find some part of my life interesting, whatever.


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