Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni For Target

As many of you are surely aware of by now, Tuesday Missoni launched their collection for Target and it received the biggest opening of any of their designer lines. Apparently worse than Black Friday, many stores were cleaned out by noon. I usually am aware of the designer lines for Target, and I'd heard some dribs and drabs of Missoni's line, but as I'm not necessarily a Missoni fan it failed to stick. Some time yesterday I tried to log on to and an error page came up. I thought it was having a bug, possibly due to their recent (and still somewhat under construction) redesign. Facebook contacts informed me that that was not the case, but early in the morning on Tuesday the fervor caused their site to crash.

I can't believe the response! Yesterday evening I ended up going to Target (not for the line, but for groceries) and as I was returning something I noticed that the employees were told to put any Missoni merchandise immediately back on the floor and not to go through their normal returns process. I heard there was a table in jewelry with the Missoni items still available for sale...I saw maybe 4 pillows.

Their site is back up and I'm not sure what all the fuss was about. I could see wanting to snatch up some of these pieces but this rapid sell out? Though the 300+ pages of ebay tell me otherwise...Target should really monitor customers buying 30 pairs of the same style of shoes.

Nevertheless there are a few cute pieces, in accessories and housewares mostly, that I might have eventually purchased if they were still for sale:

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